Drop-Off Business Catering

Create a happy workplace with good food!

Our Lunch Menus can be utilised in various scenarios: Business lunches or dinners, shoot crew catering, board meetings and much more! We have a selection of our favourite dishes available to order at your convenience and a wealth of seasonal daily changing menus for daily catering contracts.

Our menus change every 3 months so you are also sure to be sent the most seasonal and on-trend menus!

How drop-off catering works


Step 1. Select a delicious menu for you and your team

We offer a wide range of breakfast, lunch and dinner menu options to satisfy every taste! See more information below.


Step 2. Choose how you want the food packaged and served

Choose from individual meals, packaged buffet, or a staffed buffet. 


Step 3. Place your order and expect fast delivery

Our food delivery service is available to order with just 48 hours notice. Orders can be one-off, day-to-day or on a subscription basis.

Our delicious drop-off menus

Decide on the right menu for you and your team.


There are 3 categories that are available to order every day. There is a minimum order quantity of 5 of any breakfast item.

  • Illustration

    Cold breakfast item


  • Illustration

    Warm breakfast item


  • Illustration

    Variety breakfast trays


Lunch or Dinner

    We offer hot and cold lunches
    Tip: alternating between hot and cold meals daily is a great way to keep lunches exciting and varied
    There is a minimum item order value of 5
    Fancy a dessert? We also offer packaged and delivered desserts

Hot Lunches

All hot mains are packaged in leak proof, eco friendly boxes and come with a side salad of your choice which is packaged individually.


Poke Bowls

Japanese inspired poke bowls are make with the freshest ingredients prepared by our chefs the morning of delivery.


Working Lunches

These lunch trays consist of a baguette or wrap option served in a compartment tray with a side salad and finger food. Perfect for those desk lunch kind of days.


Cold Lunch Boxes

Cold composite lunch boxes which contain heaps of flavour & nutritional value.


Sweet tooth?

Why not add a sweet treat or soft drink to your order!

Loaf Cake

Food packaging and serving options


Individual Meals

Choose from the full menu options available for delivery straight to your desk. All our dishes can be packaged in individual boxes and clearly labelled.


Packaged Buffet

All items can be packaged buffet style which is perfect for sharing lunches where you don't have the space for equipment or staffing. It is also a great way to offer choice to the team and to reduce your packaging waste.


Staffed Buffet

Our trained team come in and set up a daily buffet of starters, mains & desserts to suit all dietary requirements. Our experienced and friendly staff will serve and clear away. Please enquire with the team and we can discuss how this may best work for you.

Adaptable & flexible catering

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all that adaptability and flexibility is key in the future of catering in the work place. Our nourishing meals are prepared safely using the finest produce in our HQ kitchen in south-west London by professional chefs. Boxed up in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and delivered straight to your desk. Our meal plans have variety and something for everyone.

Ready to order?

Like what you see? Get in touch for this seasons full menusIf you have any questions, phone us and we would be delighted to talk all things food!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a minimum order?

    Total minimum order value of £200 plus delivery & VAT.
    Please note that the minimum spend must be spent on 1 category and can not be split over multiple. This does not apply to poke bowls, soft drinks & snacks.
    e.g. £200 of working lunches or £200 of hot food lunches. NOT £100 of working lunches & £100 of hot food lunch boxes.

  • Are there delivery charges?

    Delivery costs £30 plus VAT.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We deliver within a radius of 16 miles from our kitchen in CR44NA. Any additional distance is possible however, is quoted on an individual basis.

  • When do you deliver?

    Our food delivery service is available to order with just 48 hours notice. Our drop off catering menus are available for delivery between 6am -7pm Monday – Friday. If you require delivery out of these hours/ days still enquire as it may be possible.

  • Allergen information

    ● The menus show allergens included in the dishes in red these will also be listed on the printed labels that will come on the outside of the packaging on the food when it is delivered.● The menus show suitable for information for each dish in purple and these will also be listed on the printed labels that will come on the outside of the packaging on the food when it is delivered.● Please make us aware of any allergies and we will make sure there is a meal provided suitable for that individual. However, everything is prepared in a kitchen where all allergens are present.● We hold records of all ingredients included in all dishes please ask to see a copy.● On days with set menus where there is no option to suit a specific dietary requirement within your group let us know as we will ALWAYS make something suitable.● All our meat is not suitable for halal however, we can source halal meat so please request if necessary for an individual in your group.

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